School Refusal – Parent Insights

School refusal: Insights from Parent Talk | Action For Children
Action for Children have recently released a policy report titled “School Refusal: Insights from Parent Talk 2022-23”. This report provides valuable insights into the issue of school refusal and offers recommendations for addressing it.

The report delves into the experiences and perspectives of parents whose children refuse to go to school. It highlights the challenges faced by these families and explores the underlying reasons behind school refusal. The insights shared in the report can help professionals, policymakers, and educators better understand the issue and develop effective strategies to support these children and their families.

One of the key findings of the report is that school refusal is often a complex issue influenced by various factors. It may be triggered by anxiety, bullying, academic pressures, or other underlying mental health issues. The report emphasizes the need for a holistic approach that involves collaboration between schools, parents, and mental health professionals to address these underlying causes and provide appropriate support.

The report also highlights the importance of early intervention and prevention in tackling school refusal. By identifying signs and risk factors early on, professionals can implement targeted interventions that can help prevent school refusal from escalating into a long-term issue.

Action for Children’s policy report serves as a valuable resource for anyone involved in addressing school refusal. It provides evidence-based insights, practical recommendations, and real-life stories from parents who have navigated this challenging issue. By implementing the recommendations put forth in the report, we can work towards ensuring that every child has access to education and support they need to thrive.

To learn more about the report and its findings, you can visit the Action for Children website using the following link: ““.